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The history of tea growing in China stretches back almost 5000 years to 2737 BC when it was discovered by the legendary herbalist Shen Nong and found to offer many health benefits. Today, tea is grown in 18 provinces across the southern part of the country, and the individual regions and villages produce teas that are unique to that particular location. They vary according to the traditional style of manufacture but also because of what we call ‘terroir’, the tea’s ‘sense of place’.

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    A balanced taste of a fine green tea perfumed with the refreshing aroma of fragrant jasmine flowers. Spectacular!

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    The most famous and sought after Chinese green tea with notes of chestnut and hazelnuts. Soft and sweet with a mild aftertaste.

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    A legendary oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains. Sweet, toasted, with floral notes and a touch of cocoa

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    The most sophisticated, refined and complex loose leaf white tea – light, smooth, delicate and deliciously fragrant. An absolute favourite!

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    An excellent quality green tea at an affordable price. Light and smooth!

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    Light, sweet and smooth white tea. Refreshing and full of flavour.

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    This is a wonderfully elegant oolong tea. Intensely fragrant, complex and delicious, it is a superb tea with a unique and distinctive personality!

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    A very rare but still famous yellow tea offered as a tribute to Chinese emperors.

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    An exquisite and fascinating Chinese green tea. Its high L-theanine content provides it with a long list of health benefits

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    Due to its distinctive flavour, enticing aroma and elegant tea leaves, this exquisite tea is recognized as one of the best black teas in China!

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    A fantastic and relaxing herbal tea that will surprise by its exquisite sweetness and penetrating natural fragrance of roses. Without any additives or colouring, 100% natural rose bud tea.

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    Only the tea buds and the first open leaves plucked from the ancient tea trees are used to produce this amazing loose leaf pu-erh tea.

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    This is one of the most popular flavoured oolong teas in China. Its floral aroma and silky texture are complemented by pleasant milk notes in a very harmonious way.

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    A great combination of a delicious lightly oxidized oolong tea, sweet ginseng and liquorice root powder. Delicious and revitalizing.

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    A high quality green tea scented with jasmine flowers. A sensationally delicious beverage!

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    The most amazing oolong tea from Taiwan! It reveals a delicate fruity fragrance and a touch of muscatel grape.

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    A fantastic selection of the best teas from each of the 6 tea categories: white tea "Silver Needle", green tea "Anji Bai Cha", yellow tea "Huo Shan Huang Ya", oolong tea "Mi Lan Dan Cong", Black Tea "Golden Tips "and Pu-erh tea" Mengku 2014 ".

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