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Best Loose Leaf Tea for Beginners and Connoisseurs

Every tea in our online store is true discovery, a unique experience and a treat for the palate.

At Royal Tips Tea we are passionate about discovering the most special and unique teas from all around the world, including those of limited harvests, and ensuring they reach our customers as fresh as possible. We are pleased to offer finest, handcrafted, single origin loose leaf teas in our online tea store.

We have made our selection of the world's finest loose teas in order to offer our customers a wide variety of amazing flavours. Choose from the different types and different countries to suit different times of the day, to match your tea to the changing seasons and weather conditions, to enhance your mood, to pair with different foods, or simply to brew a comforting, calming, satisfying, wonderful cup of tea.

Discover the True Value of Specialty Tea

Amongst thousands of tea varieties we aim to select the very best. We bring genuine, artisanal, loose leaf teas direct from small tea farmers. Their complex and extraordinary flavour profiles will introduce you into the exciting world of finest single origin teas.

We encourage you to explore the amazing flavours of our speciality loose teas as well as their history and origins. Learning about different type of tea, their terroir and the processing methods of our single estate teas will refine your palate, enhance your tea drinking experience and add an important cultural element to it.