Green Tea

Loose leaf green tea can be sweet, without the addition of sugar. It can also be fragrant and delicious if it is fine quality and brewed at the right temperature. At Royal Tips Tea we have selected premium artisanal green teas which were hand-picked and carefully processed to release vibrant and exquisite flavours when infused in hot water (never boiling! Check our tea brewing guide here). Our highest grade Anji Bai Cha, with its light citrus notes, is smooth like velvet, whereas creamy Jasmine Pearls will seduce you with pleasant jasmine notes that are added naturally during the scenting process that uses fresh jasmine flowers.

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    A balanced taste of a fine green tea perfumed with the refreshing aroma of fragrant jasmine flowers. Spectacular!

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    The most famous and sought after Chinese green tea with notes of chestnut and hazelnuts. Soft and sweet with a mild aftertaste.

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    This oriental green tea has been given a boost with floral undertones for a light, refreshing cuppa!

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    An exquisite and fascinating Chinese green tea. Its high L-theanine content provides it with a long list of health benefits

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    Quirky, unique and absolutely irresistible! This tea blend made of twigs and stalks will blow your mind!

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    Who doesn’t love a sweet, red strawberry – even in a steaming cup of green tea, the irresistible fruit tastes amazing!

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    A high quality green tea scented with jasmine flowers. A sensationally delicious beverage!

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    Our traditional green tea has been given a tropical make-over for a hot, comforting drink with a fruity kick!

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    An excellent quality green tea at an affordable price. Light and smooth!

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