White tea

Royal Tips Tea has selected high quality, aromatic and elegant white loose leaf tea from Fujian province in China where white tea originally comes from. It is widely regarded that the world’s best white teas are produced in Fuding and Zhenge - two counties in Fujian province that are famous for white tea manufacturing. It is considered that the best white teas in the world are obtained from the Da Bai tea varietal, selected precisely for white tea production. The buds of this varietal are long, fleshy and covered with white silky down, thus giving the tea its name (white tea). Gourmet Silver Needle white tea is made exclusively from these tea buds. It has a subtle and refined flavour, but at the same time it is a very complex and fragrant tea.

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    The most sophisticated, refined and complex loose leaf white tea – light, smooth, delicate and deliciously fragrant. An absolute favourite!

    From $2.65 $3.78 -30%
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    Light, sweet and smooth white tea. Refreshing and full of flavour.

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    A fantastic selection of the best teas from each of the 6 tea categories: white tea "Silver Needle", green tea "Anji Bai Cha", yellow tea "Huo Shan Huang Ya", oolong tea "Mi Lan Dan Cong", Black Tea "Golden Tips "and Pu-erh tea" Mengku 2014 ".

    From $40.36 $80.72 -50%

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