Black tea

For black tea lovers we have sourced some incredible loose leaf black teas with unusually rich and aromatic flavour profiles. One of our best teas from Nepal, Golden Tips black tea, is made of very young tea shoots consisting of just one bud and one young leaf. This is the highest grade of black tea available and this particular tea delivers very rich, complex and aromatic liquor with an exquisite flavour of chocolate and caramel.

Black tea is a fully oxidized type of tea and the tea liquor tend to be full-bodied, robust and somewhat astringent. Nevertheless if a plant grows at high altitudes, the tea leaves, when processed as black tea, will develop more delicate and aromatic tasting notes.

  • From $3.75 $4.41 -15% In stock

    A classic favourite that has been enjoyed for centuries for its rich, strong flavour and relaxing properties.

    From $3.75 $4.41 -15%
  • From $3.94 $4.63 -15% En stock

    This is a truly extraordinary black tea with surprisingly unusual roasted notes!

    From $3.94 $4.63 -15%
  • From $3.56 $4.19 -15% En stock

    A never-failing favourite, our whole-leaf English Breakfast tea is a blend you can always rely on.

    From $3.56 $4.19 -15%
  • From $1.83 $2.62 -30% En stock

    Due to its distinctive flavour, enticing aroma and elegant tea leaves, this exquisite tea is recognized as one of the best black teas in China!

    From $1.83 $2.62 -30%
  • From $3.75 $4.41 -15% En stock

    A hot spicy blend of traditional Indian spices in our classic black tea makes for a drink that warms the heart and the hands!

    From $3.75 $4.41 -15%
  • From $3.80 $4.47 -15% En stock

    A soothing, relaxing earl grey blend with a hint of lavender that will excite all the senses!

    From $3.80 $4.47 -15%
  • From $0.71 $1.43 -50% En stock

    Light, smooth and sweet white tea. Refreshing and full of flavour.

    From $0.71 $1.43 -50%
  • From $1.43 $2.85 -50% Product available with different options

    One of the most exceptional and extraordinary black teas you can find. Slightly spicy with very prominent citrus notes.

    From $1.43 $2.85 -50%
  • From $1.62 $1.90 -15% En stock

    A great representative of high quality Assam black tea made in an orthodox way

    From $1.62 $1.90 -15%
  • From $3.94 $4.63 -15% En stock

    Sweet mango and sour lime combine to create a tropical masterpiece tea blend you’ll find hard to resist!

    From $3.94 $4.63 -15%
  • From $3.19 $3.75 -15% En stock

    This black tea is the best example of the Second Flush Darjeeling – fruity with notes of muscatel and chocolate

    From $3.19 $3.75 -15%
  • From $3.94 $4.63 -15% En stock

    Vibrante y aromático té oolong con un precio moderado. Uno de los tés chinos más buscados. Suave y delicado.

    From $3.94 $4.63 -15%
  • From $1.90 $3.80 -50% Product available with different options

    An extraordinary Nepalese black tea, both in appearance and in taste; with a strong chocolate flavour and hints of caramelized sugar. Good enough to satisfy the most exquisite palates!

    From $1.90 $3.80 -50%



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