Earl Grey Tea 

This gourmet tea blend actually has quite a regal history to it. Legend has it, that the tea was presented to the Prime Minister, Charles Grey, back in the 1830s and was so well received that it was then named after him and became very popular. A traditional Earl Grey is a black tea flavoured with bergamot orange oil, giving it a refreshing, citrus taste that is the perfect drink for an early morning start. It tastes amazing with a squeeze of lemon, but it can also be enjoyed with milk and sugar, if that is your preference.

Enjoy a cup of our traditional Royal Earl Grey, or why not have a taste of one of our Earl Grey variants? Cream of Earl Grey is a much smoother, indulgent drink, while Earl Grey Lavender is brighter with a sweet, floral tone. Try for yourself!

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A classic favourite that has been enjoyed for centuries for its rich, strong flavour and relaxing properties.

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The malty flavour of real rooibos loose leaf tea with an earl grey twist! Sophisticated, trendy and delicious!

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A soothing, relaxing earl grey blend with a hint of lavender that will excite all the senses!

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