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While all of our teas feature a number of health benefits, our wellness blends really have to be experienced to be believed! With tea blends created to provide targeted relief to minor ailments or to boost specific health issues, there is something to help make you feel better than ever before!

The wellness category is quite broad, covering ayurvedic, herbal and detox blends. Ayurvedic tea is also known as Yogi Tea, since it is has been created with the yogic principles of balance and energy in mind. There are a variety of blends to choose from, depending on what it is you need to help with your holistic journey. Detox teas like our Fit and Cleansing tea have been created to help flush the body of toxins, without the need for any complicated and restrictive diets. They simply work with the liver to help boost your body’s natural detox efforts. Meanwhile, our herbal teas have a variety of useful and interesting uses – just pick the one that best suits your needs at any time!

  • From $4.70 $5.53 -15% In Stock

    Designed to combat the effects of over-indulgence, our detoxing blend of herbal flavours is sure to get you back on your feet!

    From $4.70 $5.53 -15%
  • From $3.66 $4.30 -15% In Stock

    A hot, sweet cup of our gorgeous herbal tea will be a drink you remember as it works to improve your memory!

    From $3.66 $4.30 -15%
  • From $4.18 $4.92 -15% In Stock

    Our Belly Be Good tea is a light, minty tea that works to soothe the stomach in times of cramp and bloating.

    From $4.18 $4.92 -15%
  • From $4.70 $5.53 -15% In Stock

    A delicious combination of antioxidant herbal flavours, this tea will take care of your joints!

    From $4.70 $5.53 -15%
  • From $4.46 $5.25 -15% In Stock

    Our comforting, healing blend of herbal accents works to boost the immune system and kick that cold!

    From $4.46 $5.25 -15%
  • From $6.21 $7.31 -15% In Stock

    Give your immune system a boost with this fruity, soothing herbal tea blend, designed to give added protection to your body.

    From $6.21 $7.31 -15%
  • From $4.85 $5.70 -15% In Stock

    Get the best night’s sleep of your life after a cup of our soothing Sweet Dreams tea.

    From $4.85 $5.70 -15%



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