Reduced price! Infusion frutos rojos con hibisco

Red Berry Fruit Tea

An aromatic and juicy infusion with an intense fruity flavour. A real treat!




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A fantastic infusion of ripe red fruits with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Very juicy and not excessively sweet, this intense ruby red drink is ideal not only to quench the thirst at any time of day, but also to savour the nuances of each of the fruits in the blend.

Visually appealing with its wide range of red hues, this infusion’s very harmonious and intensely fragrant aroma ends with a real explosion of fruity and floral flavours in the mouth. Ideal for drinking over ice in the summer or hot on cold winter days.

AromaSweet fruit and floral notes
LiquorDeep ruby red
TasteIntense fruity with a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness

Infusion escaramujo frutos rojos hibisco

How to brew Red Berry Fruit Tea

2-3 g

200 ml

70-75º C

2-3 min

User reviews Red Berry Fruit Tea


Huele muy bien

Es una infusión que huele súper bien (me he guardado el sobre para olerlo de vez en cuando, jajaja), y sabe a frutos del bosque y a cítricos. Te puedes comer hasta los frutos, muy buena.

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Red Berry Fruit Tea

Red Berry Fruit Tea

An aromatic and juicy infusion with an intense fruity flavour. A real treat!

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