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Hibiscus Herbal Tea

A delightful floral tea with a distinctive ruby-red colour and a delicious sour taste! Popular all around the world.




Drink this fabulous floral gourmet tea hot or cold, depending on your preference. The subtle sour tones of our ruby-red Hibiscus Flower tea make for a very pleasant taste that is renowned the world-over for its healing properties.

As well as being low in calories and caffeine-free, making it popular amongst those trying to lose weight, hibiscus loose leaf tea has many other benefits. Full of anti-inflammatory properties, it is great for anyone trying to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol, and is a great aid to the liver, which works hard to maintain your overall health. Rich in vitamin C, it gives the immune system a huge boost, helping you fight viruses and heal wounds quickly. For a small petal, it provides a big nutritional benefit to the body.

hibiscus flower herbal tea carcade

How to brew Hibiscus Herbal Tea

2-3 g

200 ml

100º C

5 min

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Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Hibiscus Herbal Tea

A delightful floral tea with a distinctive ruby-red colour and a delicious sour taste! Popular all around the world.

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