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What is Darjeeling tea: types and flavours

Darjeeling, a small state in the Himalayan foothills on northeast India, has been growing tea since the 1850s. By 1830, the British East India Company had proved that tea could be grown outside China and had established the first British tea gardens in Assam. As the demand for tea increased in Britain and around the world, tea growing was expanded into the neighbouring state of Darjeeling. Whereas Assam is very flat and low lying, the hills of Darjeeling rise to an altitude of 2,133.6 metres (7,000 feet), and tea grows on the steep slopes from approximately 609.6 metres (2,000...

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All about Japanese teas

The Japanese tea industry works quite differently from the tea industry in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, etc. Most of the teas are mechanically picked using hand-held hedge trimmer type machines or ride-on harvesting machines. The tea producers do not sort their tea at the end of the process; instead they sell the unsorted tea, known as ‘aracha’, to wholesalers who sort all the large batches of the teas they buy into different types which are then sold to retail outlets or international buyers. Teas are sold at auctions held in various parts of the country; however, unlike tea auctions...

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Kukicha – Japanese Twig Tea

All but the very highest quality Japanese teas, such as ‘gyokuro’ and ‘tencha’ (used to make ‘matcha’ for the Japanese Green Tea Ceremony), are manufactured by automated machines. As in all developed countries, the high cost of labour in Japan makes hand plucking and processing very expensive and the tea industry is consequently very heavily mechanized. Most harvesting is carried out using hedge-trimmer machines or huge tractors that slice off the new baby shoots from the bushes just as they reach the right size and height, and in the factories, most processing is automated.     When the tea...

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The Story of Earl Grey, Bergamot Flavoured Tea

Earl Grey tea is perhaps the best known and most popular flavoured tea in the world and most tea companies include a version of the blend in their tea list. The recipes for each individual company’s blend may vary but usually include a black tea and oil of bergamot. BUY EARL GREY TEA Earl Grey Tea Legends There are many different stories about the origin of the blend but it is doubtful that any of them are true. Some say that Earl Grey himself travelled to China where he was presented with a recipe for black tea scented with...

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